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The amount of work given to students in middle school is very minimal compared to what is given in high school. It takes a lot of stress and sleep deprivation for some kids to get a handle on everything that is given to them. Listed below are some tips to make high school easier.

- Use a calendar. I use google calendar as it connects with google classroom where all my teachers put their assignments in, making it easier to keep track of everything. However, any calendar works as long as you are aware of what is due and how much time you have to do it.

- Do your homework everyday even if the teacher is not checking it. Homework is given to help you, and doing the practice will only help in upcoming assessments. 

- Participate in class. By being active in class you will be able to see what you need more help with, and will be able to get that help before you realize one day before the assessment that you don't understand the topic.

- Get at least 8 hours of sleep. Working hard is important, but the hard work will not pay off if your brain cannot function the next day when taking the assessment.

- Don't procrastinate. I know every teacher and parent probably tells you this, but if you spend time reviewing the material days before an assessment it will stop you from cramming everything the day before. Cramming will decrease the chances of you learning everything, and if you take AP classes then you will need to know all the concepts till the end of the year. 


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