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Both, students and their parents become nervous when the time to transition from middle to high school finally arrives.  It is an unknown territory, one that matters for the child's future as all of their work done in high school will be seen by colleges. Here is some advice to make the transition smoother:

-          Try and visit the high school during eighth grade.  Many schools offer opportunities such as joint music concerts, plays, and sport events where they invite kids from middle school

-          Speak with as many high schoolers as possible even if you don't know them very well. High schoolers will give the best advice as they have experienced exactly what you are about to experience

-          Go to the high school website during the summer and keep yourself updated about the school you will be attending

-          Subscribe to the high school news paper

-          Go and watch high school sport events of your liking. They are great places to meet new people and make friends. 

-          There are usually parent social groups that you can subscribe to. 

-          Ask the PTSO of the high school to add you early enough, so that you can start getting notifications before the first day of high school

-          Review the student book thoroughly for topics such as:

  • Attendance policy
  • Curriculum and credit requirements
  • School profile

-          Become exposed to all the clubs there are, and choose a couple that interest you.  Speak to coaches/mentors on the requirements to join them.  Do not miss the deadlines to sign-up for clubs.

-          Fill out physical forms early if you plan to join a sports team, and don’t miss out on scheduled tryouts

-          Speak with the counselors to pick electives and main courses. Check out the rigor of courses your school offers

-          Sometimes teaches have their website where they provide names of the book that will be followed through out the year.  Try and purchase or get the books from the library and familiarize yourslef with the topics before going into class.


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