How it works

  • 1.

    Find a tutor that suits your needs

    Identify a TeenTutor based on your needs for specific subjects, test prep., extra-curricular assistance and location.

  • 2.

    Contact the Tutor directly

    Fill out the contact form and send a notification to your desired tutor.

  • 3.

    Arrange a session

    Arrange a tutoring session with the tutor at mutually agreeable location such as a local library, home or Skype.

  • 4.

    Pay as you go

    Pay the tutor directly with each session. You and your tutor decide on the price as well as when and how to deliver the payment.

  • 5.


    Achieve the desired grades with the appropriate guidance needed.

  • 6.

    Rate your Tutor

    Rate your tutor and provide a review, to help other students find the perfect teen tutor.

FAQ for Tutors

Sign-up using the "Become a Tutor" link and provide the subject areas that you are willing to Tutor or Coach. Provide additional information for your students in the "extra" section that highlights some of your achievements and merits in your area of expertise.
At this point there is no charge to add your profile and become a tutor. In the future, we may charge a small subscription fee for which you will be notified well in advance.
There are no contracts and you can remove your profile anytime you wish.
It is totally up to the student and tutor. We restrict the maximum hourly charge to thirty dollars in order to remain competitive.
We recommend having tutoring sessions at local libraries or the student's home if both the tutor and student are local. If not, skype can be used.
It is between student and tutor to negotiate and resolve any payment issues. TeenTeaches does not take any commission from such arrangements and does not intend to participate in such negotiations. However, we expect good faith between both the parties and reserve the right to remove teacher profiles upon receiving multiple complaints from different students. We also reserve the right to restrict students from using our services upon receiving complaints from many teachers.

FAQ for students

Choose Subject area, then "Find a Tutor" for your location and all the available tutors will show up. If no tutor is available in your local area then it will show available tutors in nearby areas. Once a match is identified, you can fill out a contact form for the teacher that will inform them via email.
We expect all Tutors to achieve a "B" or higher in the area of their tutoring. We will start displaying tutors ratings and reviews in the near future as well so that you can pick the one that best suits your needs. Tutors will also display profiles that showcase their merits in their subject areas to allow students to seek the brightest tutors.
It is your responsibility to discuss and arrange sessions with your tutors. We recommend that you arrange a short free trial session of approximately 15 minutes to determine whether you would like to officially continue being tutored by that teacher. However, TeenTeaches does not intend to participate in any such negotiations.
TeenTeaches is absolutely free for the students to find the right tutor. Once you have found the right tutor you can arrange your payment plan directly with the tutor themselves.
It is up to student and teacher to decide how much each session will cost. The maximum hourly charge for any session is $30.


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