High School Transition
September 25,2018

Webinar held by TeenTeaches in collaboration with Harvard Student Agency.  Recording of the event can be found at

Welcome to TeenTeaches

What are we all about?

Every student can use some help and what’s better than help from older kids who have already taken the same courses possibly with the same teachers? TeenTeaches allows high schoolers to tutor younger students in elementary, middle or high school on a plethora of topics from mathematics to dancing. A proximity in age also allows the students to better teach and connect with their tutors.

What makes us different?

Our service is unique in many ways as our tutors are highly familiar with the course content as they are students who recently studied the same subjects and received stellar grades. The student tutors are also in touch with the difficulties of high school curriculums and have the best strategies on how to ace standardized tests. Most importantly, however, our tutors are wiling to provide better services at a fraction of the cost compared to other regular tuition or test prep. services that dont teach the wide array of subjects and activities that we do. It is our honor to serve as a student friendly service that works towards the betterment of your child as a well-rounded student. In addition, we strive to provide pro bono tutoring to refugee kids supporting the teens for refugees organization whose link is posted below. To provide the highest quality service for these refugees teenteaches plans on paying the tutors for their work. You can read more on our Teens4Refugees Website!

See how you can improve your grades

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    Find your perfect TeenTutor

    Find a tutor based on your location, subject and other needs.

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    Connect instantly

    Arrange sessions and start getting the necessary guidance right away!

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    Get customized help in your specific area

    Our tutors have been through your curriculum and will teach you exactly what you ask of them.

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    Test taking strategies

    Our tutors have first hand experience dealing with tough tests on the same subjects as you! They know the best ways to ace a test that may seem impossible to conquer at first.

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    Learn in a friendly environment

    Our tutors are teens that can provide a much more friendly, comfortable and, therefore, beneficial experience to students because they share similar school experiences.

OUR Tutors


NAME: Kayla Carbonari

The sessions enable students to learn at their own pace, while making their deadlines successfully. I am willing to help students who struggle in writing, grammar, comprehension, essays, etc. I am willing to work with all ages as well, so please contact me if you think that I will be helpful to you! I am currently enrolled in AP English and having taken creative writing and humanities.

Rate per hour :15


NAME: Frank Liu

I’m a upcoming sophomore in a IB high school program. I’ve been getting straight A’s since middle school. I got all A’s for my freshman year and got both 5’s for the biology and FSA exam . I’m also fluent in Mandarin so I can help anyone that is Chinese and needs help in writing or speaking English

Rate per hour :15


NAME: Michelle Chen

Hello, I am a 4.0 gpa student who has taken AP courses in AP Art History (5) and AP World History (4). I am very well versed in Biology (Molecular and Research). I also am very well versed in Math: Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II. I would love to work with you and share my knowledge for others to succeed in education.

Rate per hour :0

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